Honoring Mansfield’s War Heroes

May 2018 – As you walk around or drive around Mansfield, you will see numerous memorials dedicated to Mansfield veterans who gave their lives defending our country. But have you ever stopped to think, “what was the story behind this veteran’s sacrifice?”

For example, did you know that the Liberatore memorial on North Main Street near the Mansfield South Common (now known as the Lowney Common) honors three brothers who were killed in action in World War II? Sergeant Wilfred F. Liberatore was killed in January 1944,  Staff Sergeant John L. Liberatore was killed in February 1945, and Corporal Guido R. Liberatore was killed in March 1945. The sacrifices of the Liberatore family and others should never be forgotten.

Thanks to the efforts of volunteers from the Mansfield Historical Society, Keep Mansfield Beautiful, and Mike Raymond, Mansfield’s veteran’s agent, you can now access detailed summaries of these veterans and others easily. Click here to download a PDF file that includes the stories behind 20 veterans’ memorials in Mansfield.

These summaries are based on a book written by Mansfield’s own Earl Mason, entitled The Mindset of a Patriot. Earl is a veteran of the Korean War period and a long-time Mansfield resident. This information will also be included on the new town website that will be launched later this year or in early 2019.

Most of these memorial sites are maintained by family members or the Garden Club of Mansfield. But there a few memorials in need of some beautification and ongoing maintenance. If you are interested in adopting a veteran’s memorial, please contact us


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